Angah meneruskan perjuangan di Matrikulasi..

6kereta mengiringi Angah untuk hari pendaftaran..sokongan padu dari keluarga..Tok,makngah & pakngah serta sepupu Anis, Dekna,Huzaid;keluarga Maklang Ani,Ap,Faiz,Emelia,sikecik Haikal; Anjang & Paknjang(thanks for da belanja makan ari tu);Pakteh ,Makteh dan sicomel Hadif travel dari Johor-KL -Penang semata-mata untuk hantar Angah, Paklang Halim,Maklang Salmi serta anak-anak ,tak ketinggalan Nek Teh juga….terima kasih semua..

Paklang kalau posing memang dahsyat!

Selamat berjaya Angah.Ramai yang mengharapkan kejayaanmu..Mama tahu Angah kesana dngan satu azam yang kuat untuk berjaya..Doa mama yang terbaik buatmu.
Cuma Ajim dan Arif akan mula merasa sunyi tanpa gurau senda dan geletek Angah lagi selepas ini.

Cutting Loose

His clothes are packed and now it’s time, for him to take his leave,
Emotions are all jumbled up; I’m happy but I grieve.
I knew someday this time would come but it just came too soon,
I thought I would be happy; now I sing a different tune.

For eighteen years my life revolved around his wants and needs,
I never thought that I would have emotions such as these.
We talked about his leaving and we even made the plans,
We worked so hard to make it right fulfilling all demands.

But now I look around the room while sitting on his bed,
The emptiness I’m feeling now, in words just can’t be said.
The planning and the preparations we’ve gone through this year,
Has caused so much excitement mixed with happiness and fear.

For almost twenty years we had a unit that was tight,
And we worked hard to keep that unit running smooth and right.
We knew someday it would divide and each would go their way,
But now it seems it came too fast because it is today.

I try to hold the tears back but it’s hopeless as they flow,
And I feel foolish crying ’cause I knew someday he will go.
But as I think of losing hiim from underneath my wing,
I also think about his future and what that will bring.

I try to get excited as he steps out in the world,
But it is hard; I feel I’m losing my hansome precious boy
I will always be here for him and he knows that but,
In my heart I know that when he leaves the cord is cut.

So as I sit and look around his room that is now bare,
I think of all the memories that we had time to share.
I think of all the happiness, the good times and the bad,
And now the tears flood forth again, why do I feel so sad?

I guess the pain of something ending always hurts this way,
But endings bring us new beginnings and a different day.
These feelings now that I am feeling, I am not alone,
There are others feeling what I am, with others grown.

But now I face the mixed emotions as so many do,
When it comes right to the day, when they are leaving you.
So as I dry my eyes and take another glance around,
It’s finally here and now today my son’s college bound.

catitan mama today..